Research projects


Conspecific negative density dependence in a temperate forest

Exploring how plant-insect interactions could shape the spatial distribution of trees in a UK woodland.

Seed natural enemies and tropical forest diversity

Investigating the role of pre-dispersal seed predation in the maintenance of tropical plant biodiversity.

Microbial mat community assembly in Antarctica

This project explored how extreme environments can shape communities and whether environmental filtering plays a role in the assembly of microbial mat communities.

Adaptive potential of phytoplankton in a changing world

Disentangling the roles of ecology, physiology and evolution in the adaptation of phytoplankton to environmental change.

Toad microbiomes as a defence against pathogenic attack

Culturing bacteria with the potential to protect against Chytridiomycosis infection.

Variability in herbivory

Understanding how and why patterns in plant–herbivore interactions vary across the tree of life and around the world.